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Protection and control

       A full motor protection solution

                                                               MS116          MS132/           MS165/
                                                                              MO132            MO165


       An all-in-one solution                                High performance in compact size
       ABB offers protection against short-circuits, phase failures and   The main range of motor starters can cover short-circuit breaking
       overload together with disconnecting functionality – all in one   capacities up to 100 kA. Also, every motor starter is temperature
       single compact product.                               compensated up to 60 °C, making them more reliable.

       Troubleshooting made easy                             Always an option
       MS132 and MS165 feature a magnetic trip indicator. This way,   The MS116 and MS132 offer protection up to 32 A and a
       every tripping event will be distinguished, making troubleshoot-  short-circuit breaking capacity of 50 kA and 100 kA, respec-
       ing a lot easier and faster.                          tively – all in a 45 mm housing. They are designed for high
                                                             performance in addition to their compact size.

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