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Starters and motor protection up to 30 kW

       Features and benefits


       Reduce the size of the installations                  An all-in-one solution
          – Easy and compact assembling whatever the mounting   ABB offers real fuseless and coordinated motor protection
         support type, rail and screw fixing                 against short-circuits, phase failures and overload together
          – Starters weight reduced up to 20%.               with disconnecting functionality, all-in-one single MS manual
                                                             motor starter compact product.
       Take into account the highest applicable level of fire and
       smoke behaviour                                       MO motor starters offer also magnetic-only protection for the
       European standard: EN 45545-2 (HL2, HL3).             same range of operational currents as MS family and can be
                                                             combined  with  an  AF..(Z)B  contactor  and  a  TF42-B  overload
       Meet all main rolling stock standards and directives  relay in order to create a full motor protection solution.
          – Designed in accordance to IEC 60947-2, IEC 60947-4-1,
         IEC 60947-5-1 applicable parts of IEC 60077-1/2 and
         EN 50155 standards
          – Withstand shocks and vibrations in accordance to
         IEC 61373 category 1, class B.

                                                                                                                  1SBC100203S0201 - Rev. A

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