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R contactors
Tailored to your needs

1 With over 100 years of experience in control,                      Performance
   ABB has designed its R contactors to
   meet the particular requirements of power                        High making and breaking capacity
   applications from 63 A up to 5000 A                              Current up to 5000 A
   in AC and DC.                                                    Voltage up to 1000 V AC or 1500 V DC.

     With a variable number of poles and advanced features,          Flexibility
     these tailor-made bar mounted contactors remain the
     most flexible solution. Robustness and reliability bring our   Variable number of poles
     technology far beyond the limits of standard contactors.       Combination of N.O. and N.C. poles
     Our know-how enables us to offer R contactors perfectly        Adjustable number of auxiliary contacts.
     suited to your applications whatever the environment.

                                                                    Robust construction
                                                                    Durability up to 5 millions of operating cycles
                                                                    Experienced and proven for years.

                                                                                           ... you can trust

Easy maintenance                                                   From standard to tailor-made solution
–– Direct access to all the contactor parts for inspection or      –– Pre-sales support to identify and define customer requirements
                                                                   –– Customized support with development of solutions from
–– Complete and didactic instruction manual for installation,         specifications
                                                                   –– Specialists available to optimize your configuration.
   inspection or maintenance
–– Dedicated R contactors service support available by ABB.

Sustainability of control for a wide variety of applications

–– Iron and steel industries  –– Hydroelectric power stations      –– Railway substation
                                                                   –– Lighting equipment
–– Mining                     –– Photovoltaic power plants         –– Pump stations.

–– Cranes                     –– Power distribution

–– Induction furnaces         –– Energy storage


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