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PLC Automation product family



         ABB offers a comprehensive range of scalable PLCs and robust HMI control panels.
         Since its launch in 2006, the AC500 PLC platform has achieved significant industry
         recognition for delivering high performance, quality and reliability.

         Comprehensive range                                   Programmable Logic Controllers PLCs
            – ABB delivers scalable, flexible and efficient ranges of auto-    – The AC500, AC500-eCo, AC500-S and AC500-XC scalable
           mation components to fulfill all conceivable requirements of   PLC ranges provide solutions for small, medium and high-
           the most diverse automation applications.             end applications.
            – ABB's automation devices deliver solutions with high     – Our AC500 PLC platform offers different performance
           performance and flexibility to be effectively deployed within   levels and is the ideal choice for high availability, extreme
           various industries and applications including water, building   environments, condition monitoring, motion control or
           infrastructure, data centers, renewable energy, machinery   safety solutions.
           automation, material handling, marine and many more.    – Our AC500 PLC platform offers interoperability and
                                                                 compatibility in hardware and software from compact PLCs
         Engineering suite                                       up to high end and safety PLCs.
            – ABB Automation Builder is the integrated software suite for
           machine builders and system integrators requiring state-of-  Control panels
           the-art productive machine and system automation.      – CP600-eCo and CP600 HMI control panels offer a wide
            – Combining the tools required for configuring, programming,   range of features and functionalities for maximum operability.
           debugging and maintaining automation projects from one     – ABB control panels are distinguished by their robustness
           common intuitive interface, Automation Builder addresses   and easy usability, providing all the relevant information
           the largest single cost element of most of today's industrial   from production plants and machines at one single touch.
           automation projects - software.

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