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PLC AUTOMATION PRODUCT FAMILY                                                       7



 CP600-eCo  CP600                                                             CP600-Pro
 •  Economical control panel aimed for standard   •  Robust HMI with high visualization    •  HMI with high end visualization perfor-
 functions and high usability for clear    performance, versatile communication   mance, multi-touch operation, versatile
 inter action with the operation process.   and representative design for machines   communication and representative design,
          and systems.                                                         partly usable to trigger safety actions with

 Programmable Logic Controllers PLCs

 AC500-eCo  AC500                          AC500-XC                           AC500-S
 •  Compact PLC for economical automation    •  Powerful PLC featuring a wide range of    •  Extreme condition PLC variant.  •  Integrated safety PLC (SIL3, PL e) for safety
 solutions in smaller applications.  performance, communications and I/O    •  With extended operating temperature,    applications in factory, machinery or process
 •  Integrates seamlessly into the broader AC500   capabilities for industrial applications.   immunity to vibration and hazardous    automation area.
 PLC platform.   •  For complex, high-speed machinery and   gases, use at high altitudes and in humid    •  For simple and complex safety solutions.
          networking solutions.             environments.

 I/O modules

 S500-eCo  S500                            S500-XC                            S500-S
 •  Range of modular I/Os for economical    •  Range of modular I/O with protected    •  Extreme condition S500 I/O variant.  •  Safety S500 I/O variant.
 configurations in smaller applications.  outputs and comprehensive diagnosis,    •  With extended operating temperature,    •  Extreme condition variants available.
 •  Connected directly to the AC500 or    covering a wide range of signal types.   immunity to vibration and hazardous
 AC500-eCo CPU modules.  •  Installed as remote I/O with a communi-  gases, use at high altitudes and in humid
 •  S500-eCo I/O modules can be mixed with    cation interface module or directly    environments.
 standard S500 modules.  connected to the AC500 CPU.
 •  Usage as remote I/O with fieldbus    •  Support of different fieldbuses to use the
 communication interface modules.  S500 I/O modules with PLCs from differ-
          ent manufacturers.
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