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MS and MO manual motor starters

         A complete motor protection concept

         Fuseless protection saves costs, space and ensures a quick reaction under overload
         and short-circuit condition by switching off the motor within milliseconds. The full range

         of motor starters offers protection from 0.1 A to up to 100 A. The new family range has
         a harmonized range of accessories and offers the same features up to 65 A.                                 2

         Safety and                          Continuous                          Speed up your
         protection                          operation                           projects

         Protect equipment and people        Secure uptime                       Simplified design
         With its broad range of manual motor   Fuseless motor protection reduces main-  This range can be connected easily with
         starters, ABB offers protection and   tenance costs and downtimes by avoid-  ABB  contactors  or  soft  starters  using
         safety in almost every situation including   ing fuse replacement after faults. Fur-  the respective accessory. Additionally,
         hazardous areas. Save people from   thermore, MS132 and MS165 feature a   the main range of accessories is shared
         electrical shocks and the installation   magnetic trip indicator making trouble-  across multiple starters, making planning
         from short-circuits, overloads and phase   shooting easier.             simpler. At the same time, you can rely
         failures while also controlling the current                             on ABB´s global technical support.
         flow through a simple and handy ON/OFF                                                                     2CDC131093C0201

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