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Control everywhere and anytime

         Tuned for your application

                              Short-circuit protection                                                              2
                              and disconnection


                              Overload and phase
                              failure protection

         Dedicated for short-circuit protection                Transformer protection
         MO motor starters offer magnetic-only protection for the same   MS132-T is an inrush compensated circuit breaker for con-
         range of operational currents as MS family and shared the   trol transformer protection. With the right selection, it provides
         same accessories range. These starters can be combined with   overcurrent protection on the primary side of the transformer.
         a contactor and an overload relay in order to create a full motor   This avoids expensive protection on the secondary side.
         protection solution.


                    BV     GL     LR    DNV     RINa   ABS
                   France  Germany Gr. Britain Norway  Italy  USA
         Protection wherever you are                           Ready for IE3 motors
         The manual motor starter range is worldwide applicable. With   MS116/MS132/MO132 and MS/MO165 comply with the latest
         its wide range of certifications, it covers standards like IEC, cU-  standards. They are "IE3 ready" and will protect the new generation
         Lus, CCC, EAC and ship approvals. All manual motor starters   of high efficiency motors.
         also apply to ATEX standards and will protect your motors in                                               2CDC131067C0202
         hazardous areas.

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