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         High performance in compact size                      Harmonized range of accessories
         The main range of motor starters can cover short-circuit breaking   All MS or MO types up to 65 A share the same main accessories like
         capacities up to 100 kA. Also, every motor starter is temperature   auxiliary contacts, signal contacts, shunt trips and under-voltage
         compensated up to 60 °C, making them more reliable.   releases. This significantly slims the part list and makes selection
                                                               of the right accessories easy.

         Troubleshooting made easy                             Safety at work
         MS132-B and MS165-B feature a magnetic trip indicator. This   With a lockable handle maintenance will be safe for every
         way, every tripping event will be distinguished, making trouble-  technician. For MS132-B and MS165-B a lock can seal the
                                                                                                                    1SBC100203S0201 - Rev. A
         shooting a lot easier and faster.                     handle without the use of an additional accessory.

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