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Contactors and motor protection

         Advanced but simple

         ABB supports the high levels of expectations for safe means of transport.                                  1
         Being a market leader in supplying products and services to rolling stock manufacturers, we are present in more
         than 100 countries and we can provide strong local support to your projects. With a truly global organization, we are
         committed to local competence and local service. We also support transport operators throughout the whole life cycle
         of the traction chain, i.e. in the areas of service, maintenance, upgrades, and retrofit projects. The breadth of our
         product portfolio has allowed us to become a leader in the railway sector.

         Speed up your                       Safety                              Continuous
         projects                            and protection                      operation

         Simplify your installation          Protect persons and equipments      Secure uptime
         thanks to compact solution and modular   with products specifically designed    Thanks to AF technology, handle the
         frame size reducing space and weight    to meet the latest rolling stock require-  large voltage fluctuation to battery use.
         required for installation. Common accessory   ments with starter solutions protecting   With real motor protection, reduce
         range across multiple starters makes   against electrical shocks, short-circuits,   maintenance costs, downtimes and make
         planning simpler and assembling faster.  overloads and phase failures.  troubleshooting easier.
         Optimize your logistics and stocks  Secure the connection of cables     Reduce train energy consumption    1SBC100201S0201 - Rev. A
                                                                                 with lighter devices increasing passenger
         with only 3 DC contactor coil voltage  by choosing the adequate technology  capacity and 68% less coil energy con-
         range.                              required for your projects.
                                                                                 sumption improving power management.

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