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                                          Contactors and motor protection

                                          for railways application - rolling stock

                                          Our products can be installed in any environment including passenger or
                                          driver cabins, for main or urban line trains, underground trains or trams
                                          circulating frequently in tunnels or underground passages. Manual motor
                                          starters, contactors, overload relays and contactor relays are used in a
                                          wide variety of rolling stock applications.

                                          Flaps | Heating | Gear control | Vehicle
                                          Exterior / interior door and step
                                          ventilation, air conditioning
                                          Underfloor containers | Control
                                          converters | Hygiene cubicles
                                          Propulsion | Lighting | Brake | Heating

                                                            ABB has IRIS certification since 2009 (International Railway Industry
                                                            Standard certification created by the European Union of railways industry).
                                                            ABB manages the manufacturing company and always focuses on
                                                            optimizing all processes as required by IRIS certification.

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