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Secure your cable connections by choosing the adequate technology required
         for your projects

         Screw terminals for standard ferrules                 Screw terminals for ring tongue ferrules
         For a safe insertion and wiring of cables.            Non-detachable screw with conic washer on main and auxiliary
                                                               terminals for a fast and secure tightening of cables with ring
                                                               tongue ferrules.

         Extend your control circuit possibilities with        More functionalities with the same compact width for
         AF09(Z)B ... AF95B                                    AF116B ... AF370B contactors
         1-pole auxiliary contact block meeting any contact configuration   Up to 2 side mounted auxiliary contact blocks without adding
         with only two part numbers (N.O. or N.C. contacts)    to its width and delivered with 1 N.O. + 1 N.C. as standard.
         Fixing up to 6 auxiliary contacts regardless of mounting

                                                                                                                    1SBC100203S0201 - Rev. A

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