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       Rugged, corrosion-resistant enclosures

   1   Since the 1920s, we have been manufacturing cable   CDC - a versatile range of enclosures with a timeless design
       distribution cabinets.                              CDC was developed in close collaboration with users and
                                                           meets the requirements for simplicity and flexibility. A number of
       The latest generation of enclosures was developed   practical functions make the installer’s work easier. The cabinets
       based on our long experience of systems for demanding   can also be used for broadband systems using fibre-optic
       environments. At the same time, they satisfy current   cables, for telecom installations and cable TV.
       requirements for long life with undiminished safety and low
       operating and maintenance costs.                    SDC - versatile enclosure with extra depth
                                                           This enclosure is designed for both indoor and outdoor
       In Scandinavia, where snow is commonly cleared with   distribution boards. SDC is hot-dip galvanized and has a design
       snowplows and where the temperature in winter can   that harmonizes well with the CDC series, so that the two can
       drop to –25°C or lower, stability and surface treatment   be used together. There is also a variant with a top section for
       must be of the highest class. In addition, good ventilation   metering or other equipment.
       is essential to disperse heat during the summer and to
       eliminate condensation.                             KSIK - powder coated enclosure
                                                           Suitable enclosure for indoor distribution boards in environment
       Resistance to external impact is tested according to    classes C * and C * e.g. in industry, buildings, sports facilities,
                                                                   1      2
       standard IEC 61439-5.                               and warehouses. KSIK has special openings on the sides, for
                                                           easy assembly with putting through busbar systems.
       Degree of protection is IP34D according to standard    * In accordance with ISO 12944-2
       IEC 60529.                                          C  = Heated, dry rooms.
                                                           C  = Small amounts of humidity may occur.

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