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         Distribution boards for various applications

   1     Kabeldon low voltage distribution systems feature small   The following list shows some applications:
         dimensions, flexibility, safety, reliability and a clear layout.  Utilities
                                                                  − Electricity distribution in low voltage networks.
         To ensure high quality, the enclosure is assembled at the     − Street and road lighting; traffic lights.
         factory. The enclosure is then fitted with the required devices.     − Electricity supply for street markets, travelling exhibitions,
         It is a simple matter to wire up the distribution board and put   circuses and fairgrounds.
         it into service.
         In indoor electrical rooms, the busbar system can also be     − Distribution boards for hospitals, hotels, shopping malls
         mounted on the wall. However, we recommend an enclosed   and office buildings.
         distribution board located outdoor, both for safety reasons
         and for saving valuable indoor space.                Ports and airports
                                                                  − Electricity supply for boats and ships.
         The distribution board is planned with the Connect IT     − Electricity supply for aircrafts on the ground.
         program, which is available for free download.
                                                              Sports installations
         There are also pre-assembled metered public lighting pillars,      − Floodlighting for football and sports stadiums.
         service distribution boards for direct kWh metering or     − Lighting for jogging tracks and control panels for ski lifts.
         transformer metering and pre-assembled standby power, see     − Electricity supply.
         section 4‚ “Pre-assembled distribution boards”.
                                                              Construction sites
         The distribution boards satisfy the requirements of:     − Temporary electricity supply.
         IEC 60529: Degrees of protection provided by enclosures      − Central electric heating.
         (IP code).                                               − Distribution boards for cranes and other equipment.
         IEC 60947: Low voltage switchgear and controlgear:
            − Part 1: General rules.                          Industry
            − Part 3: Switches, disconnectors, switch-disconnectors     − Distribution boards to supply power to various types of
           and fuse-combination units.                           industrial firms.
         IEC 61439: Low voltage switchgear and controlgear
         assemblies:                                          Communication systems (enclosures)
            − Part 1: General rules.                              − Enclosures for fibre-optic networks.
            − Part 5: Assemblies for power distribution in public     − Enclosures for antenna systems and cable TV.
           networks.                                              − Terminal blocks for telephone.

               Spare space

               Incoming                                                                     Outgoing
               Switch-fuses with                                                            Fuse-switch-disconnector
               independent manual
               Measuring unit                                                               Spare space
               Voltage fuses and current                                                    Outgoing
               transformers, sealable

          A distribution board with kWh metering.

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