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         Planning and design program, Connect IT


         Front view sketch of complete cabinet created in Connect IT.

         Connect IT planning software
         Connect IT is a Windows®-based planning program for   Connect IT offers great scope to freely create any desired
         cable distribution cabinets, service distribution boards and   combination of switching devices and enclosures. The work
         other applications based on the range of switching devices,   is done quickly and simply, with the aid of pictures and text.
         busbar system and enclosures.
                                                               Connect IT is also suitable for use when planning a busbar
         Connect IT makes it easy to design an electrical distribution   system without enclosure, e.g. for installation in electrical
         board and to obtain details of its components as follows:   operating areas.
            − Enclosures with accessories
            − Busbar system                                    Connect IT is available for free download at:
            − Switching devices and connectors       
            − Own hardware added, e.g. fuses                   cabinets/kabeldon-distribution-boards/connect-it
                                                               or contact us.
         Connect IT also generates information for ordering, planning
         and documentation.
                                                               Contact us for further information and to place your order!
            − A single-line diagram, to which addresses, cable data and
           other details can be added.
            − A front view sketch, which can be used as a basis for
           component mounting.

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