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         Surface treatment

         Enclosure series CDC and SDC are made of sheet steel                                                       1
         and are protected against corrosion by hot-dip galvanizing
         according to  ISO 1461. For parts that are buried in the
         ground, the corrosion protection has been reinforced
         with a polymer coating. To make sure that the polymer
         coat adheres to the hot-dip galvanized surface, it has
         undergone zinc/manganese phosphating.

         The above treatment gives excellent protection against
         corrosion, so that the life of the enclosures is very long
         in the most commonly occurring environments for outdoor

            Six protective coats for outstanding corrosion pro-
            tection of steel in the ground

                                     Polymer coat (passive protection)
                          Hot-dip galvanizing/Zn (active protection)
                          Hot-dip galvanizing/Zn (active protection)

                                     Polymer coat (passive protection)

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