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         AC500-XC                   AC500-S                   CP600-eCo                  CP600
         Extreme condition PLC variant of   Integrated safety PLC (SIL3, PL e)   The economical CP600-eCo    The robust CP600 HMI is dedicated
         the AC500 platform with extended   designed for safety applications   control panel is aimed for machine   for machines and systems requiring
         operating temperature, immunity   involved in factory or machinery   builders and system integrators   high visualization performance,
         to vibration and hazardous gases,   automation area in order to imple-  requiring basic functions and high   versatile communication and/or
         use at high altitudes and in humid   ment and manage complex safety   usability for clear interaction with   representative design.
         environments.              solutions.                operation processes.
                                                                                         Comprehensive functionalities
         Machine controller: high-end PLC   Support of safety-relevant calcu-  The CP600-eCo range is com-  provide information for production
         enhanced with fast communication   lations makes the AC500-S the   patible with ABB PLCs and drives,   plants and machines at a single
         and calculation performance for   ideal solution for crane engineering,   enabling easy integration and   touch in a clear and understandable
         large complex automation solutions   wind power generation, robotics    scalability for a diverse range of   way. CP600 control panels enable
         with maximum precision available.   and hoisting applications. The   applications.   efficient and user-friendly machine
         Condition monitoring solution avail-  AC500-S Safety PLC is also avail-         operation.
         able: integrated condition monitoring   able in a version for extreme    Engineering integrated in
         system for further reliability and easy   conditions.  Automation Builder.      Engineering integrated in
         integration in all kinds of machinery                                           Automation Builder.
         systems, enabling precise manage-  Engineering integrated in
         ment of the real-time condition of    Automation Builder.
         Engineering integrated in
         Automation Builder.
                                                                                         CP635-FB, CP635-FW, designed
                                                                                         especially for operation of machines
                                                                                         in meat production. High protection
                                                                                         class and product design are made
                                                                                         for withstanding the high pressure
                                                                                         and high temperature cleaning pro-
                                                                                         cesses for those applications.

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