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PLC AUTOMATION PRODUCT FAMILY                                                       5


 CP600-eCo  CP600                          CP600-Pro
 •  The economical CP600-eCo control panel    •  The robust CP600 HMI provides high    •  The CP600-Pro HMI portfolio comes with high
 is aimed for standard functions and high    visualization performance, versatile    end visualization performance, multi-touch
 usability for clear interaction with the    communication and representative    operation, versatile trendsetting communication
 operation process.   design for machines and systems.  and representative design.

 Programmable Logic Controllers PLCs

 AC500-eCo  AC500                          AC500-XC                           AC500-S
 •  Compact PLC offering optimally suited flexible   •  Powerful PLC featuring a wide range of    •  Extreme condition PLC variant of the    •  Integrated safety PLC (SIL3, PL e) designed for
 and economical configurations for automation   performance, communications and I/O    AC500 platform.  safety applications involved in factory, machin-
 solutions in smaller applications.  capabilities for industrial applications.   •  With extended operating temperature,    ery or process automation area.
 •  ABB’s AC500-eCo has been designed to    •  The ideal choice for complex, high-speed   immunity to vibration and hazardous    •  For complex safety solutions.
 integrate seamlessly into the broader AC500   machinery and networking solutions.  gases, use at high altitudes and in humid
 PLC platform.                              environments.

 I/O modules

 S500-eCo  S500                            S500-XC                            S500-S
 •  Range of modular I/Os for economical    •  Modular I/O assortment with protected    •  Extreme condition variant of the S500 I/O    •  Safety variant of the S500 I/O system.
 configurations in smaller applications.  outputs and comprehensive diagnosis,    system.  •  Extreme condition variants available.
 •  The I/O modules can be connected directly    covering a wide range of signal types.   •  With extended operating temperature,
 to the AC500 or AC500-eCo CPU modules.  •  The I/O modules can be installed as    immunity to vibration and hazardous
 •  S500-eCo I/O modules can be mixed with    remote I/O with a communication inter-  gases, use at high altitudes and in humid
 standard S500 modules and also used as    face module or be directly connected to   environments.
 remote I/O with fieldbus communication    the AC500 CPU.
 interface modules.  •  Support of different fieldbuses makes it
           possible to use the S500 I/O modules with
           PLCs from different manufacturers.
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