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Discover engineering productivity when engineering your   Next level engineering productivity              1
         discrete automation solutions                         Automation Builder 2.0 comes with easy-to-use solution-
         Automation Builder is ABB's integrated programming, main-  oriented wizards, which provide access to ABB’s application
         tenance and simulation environment for PLCs, safety, robots,   knowledge and libraries. Benefit from easy connectivity and
         motion, drives, SCADA and control panels.             perform fieldbus scanning and diagnosis on a new level.
                                                               Manage complexity using state-of-the-art professional
         Automation Builder combines the proven ABB tools      engineering features in system design, programming, test,
         RobotStudio, Drive Manager, Mint WorkBench, Panel Builder   and team support.
         and succeeds Control Builder Plus.
                                                               Virtual commissioning – a game changer in engineering
         The Automation Builder minimizes your efforts for project   Simulate and automate all kinds of applications with minimum
         code and data administration                          effort. Test the complete system seamlessly before involving
         Improve your productivity with seamless engineering, common   real hardware. Even complex systems can be built up quickly
         data storage, a single project archive, time-saving library   and efficiently, ensuring smooth interaction of all components,
         blocks for device integration, and one common software   as well as high reliability and system safety.
                                                               Download Automation Builder from
         Reduce engineering efforts and maintenance costs using
         easy-to-use libraries for wind, water, solar, drives, motion,   Familiarize with Automation Builder using a 30 days test
         robotics, safety and building automation applications.  license.

         Easily create a connected world
         Configure and program various devices in one single project.
         The integration of ABB’s Automation Builder 2.0 and zenon
         software makes it easier than ever to develop effective auto-
         mation solutions and unlock the potential of the Internet of
         Things (IoT).

                        Mechanical       Electrical   Risk    Control      Risk  Commissioning   Risk

                        Mechanical       Electrical



                                                                                 Reduced risk
                                                                                       Saved time

         Streamline and simplify your engineering process: Reduce risk and save time.

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