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PLC Automation product family

       Automation Builder

       Engineering Productivity for Machine Builders and System Integrators

       Product license options
                                     Automation Builder Basic  Automation Builder Standard  Automation Builder Premium
       Free                                   n
       AC500-eCo                              n                          n                         n
       AC500 with local I/O & network (1)     n                          n                         n
       AC500 with fieldbus (2)                                           n                         n
       AC500-S Safety
       Drive Manager                                                     n                         n
       Drive application programming (3)      n                          n                         n
       Motion programming                         n (4)                  n                         n
       Panel Builder 600                                                 n                         n
       Panel Builder 600 Basic                n                          n                         n
       Integrated engineering (5)                                        n                         n
       Productivity features (6)                                                                   n
       Additional features (7)
       n fully
       (1) TCP protocols, Modbus, IEC60870-5-104, CS31
       (3) Drive application programming for drives with embedded PLCs. Drive Composer pro license included in Standard and Premium Edition.
       (4) No Fieldbus connectivity in Automation Builder Basic
       (5) PLC, Safety, Panel, Drive, Motion, Robotics, SCADA
       (6) C/C++, ECAD data exchange, CSV interface extensions, project compare
       (7) Virtual Commissioning Platform for virtual system testing, Professional Developer Tools for system design, management, analysis, optimization and test

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